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Research & Development

Innovation has always been the driving force at Shine Star. It is, in effect, our footstone for sustainable development.

We pride ourselves on the excellent organization with highly qualified and motivated people. The creativity, knowledge and experience accumulated in the organization are pivotal to support our commitment to research and development. A self-contained platform for innovation system includes R&D laboratory, pilot plant, analysis centre and technical training centre. Interacting with the extensive external know-how infrastructure - partners in universities, other scientific research institutes and industry, make sure we are active at the forefront of today's most promising developments for hydrolysis amino acid. 

We established a joint venture with Flamma s.p.a. in year of 2001 which named GongAn Flamma Biochemical Co., Ltd. The joint venture enables us to link more closely with the world new idea.

We believe our technical and business expertise involves a responsibility to contribute to sustainable development of our company, growing the value over the long-term and ranking in the lead of the industry, to generate a high value added in the interests of our customers, our staff and society.


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